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Marketing PR (aka publicity) is an extremely cost-effective marketing tool, unmatched in its ability to deliver complex messages to audiences across a broad range of markets. Few companies can afford to advertise effectively in all the publications serving all of their markets. However, developing and distributing professionally prepared PR materials can generate coverage—and inquiries—far beyond the scope of even the most ambitious advertising program.

Today public relations is widely acknowledged as the premier strategic marketing tool for technology. Strategic marketing PR is a highly sophisticated process that utilizes a large number of tools integrated into a single, cohesively driven plan. These tools include everything from trade feature articles and case histories, press tours, direct marketing pieces and letters, to product literature and web sites, and yes, even news releases and traditional advertising.

Thomas Rankin Associates is a full-service marketing communications firm with over twenty years experience helping companies succeed in their marketing efforts. We have developed materials that have helped launch new ventures and established others as preeminent market leaders.


Here are some of the things PR can do for you:

 • Generate awareness of your company among your target audiences
 • Build credibility—for your company, your products or technology
 • Educate prospects and customers on the efficacy of your products or technology
 • Publicize collaborations and joint ventures
 • Build reputation within the market to help attract and impress investors
 • Establish your company brand and help sell your products and services
 • Gain visibility for key executives, promote their issues and ideas
 • Position your company as a market leader
 • Introduce new technology, products and services
 • Generate inquiries that lead to sales


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