by Tom Rankin, APR
President, Thomas Rankin Associates

As a culture, we are conditioned to perceive as leaders and innovators those organizations and individuals we read about--positively--in the press. It follows then, that getting coverage in the press will help us become recognized as leaders and innovators. In perception begins reality.

Providing you have "the right stuff," PR can be a most effective tool for building corporate awareness--Identity, or Brand, if you will--and for gaining market share.

How it happens is as simple as Zen: you become by being. We generate positive news, and the press runs it. By doing this on a consistent basis, we become a resource to the editors, which gains us more coverage. Now, here's the Zen part: more coverage builds our reputation for leadership and innovation among the public and editors alike. This makes editors MORE interested in covering us! It's like compound interest or a snowball rolling downhill: the more news we make, the more credible we become as a news maker. The more coverage we receive, the more worthy we become to receive coverage. The more important we appear, the more important we become.


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