A Primer on Strategic Planning

by Tom Rankin, APR
President, Thomas Rankin Associates

Success in the marketplace is no accident. Just as it takes organization, skill and hard work to develop and manufacture products, so it takes planning, insight and not a little leg work to market them. That's why strategic planning is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Only a planned, regularly applied program of promotional activities can build a consistent level of sales and the overall corporate brand awareness needed to sustain company viability over the long haul.

Planning enhances creativity. The best ads and sales literature are always those that hit the 'hot buttons' of your customers and prospects. What those buttons are, and how best to hit them requires a thorough knowledge of your products, your markets and your customers' needs--knowledge acquired through the research involved in strategic planning.

So too with PR: the best news is always real news. News with substance, not hype. By developing an in-depth understanding of your organization and the informational resources at our disposal, we can help you identify newsworthy subjects, prepare them with the style, format and creativity required, and then deal with the press to see that these materials receive the widest and most prominent coverage.

But strategic planning has another benefit as well--cost effectiveness. With the number of publications, shows, conferences, etc., available, there are always more opportunities to spend marketing dollars than there are dollars to spend. Thorough strategic planning helps maximize existing resources, no matter what your level of expenditure.

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