by Tom Rankin, APR
President, Thomas Rankin Associates

In the old days, there were advertising agencies and PR firms. Then there were direct marketing firms, desktop publishers, outdoor advertisers, video houses, design and creative boutiques, service bureaus, and internet service providers, all proffering the keys to marketing wealth and fame. The latest is golf cart advertising! What's a marketer to do? How do you figure out what you need and from whom? How best to spend those precious marketing dollars?

Today's marketers know it is no longer sufficient to speak with one voice to one audience. In the business-to-business realm especially, buying decisions are made by increasingly larger and more diverse committees. To get their messages to the right people, at the right time, smart marketers know they must integrate their communications programs and use every appropriate media.

That's where a marketing PR firm like TRA comes in. We don't just do advertising, or direct mail, or PR, or websites, or literature. We do those things, of course, but our primary value is in helping clients look at the big picture and developing strategically based programs that utilize multiple means to achieve marketing objectives and optimize resources. Thomas Rankin Associates is a full service marketing communications firm, providing advertising, public relations, direct marketing, collateral, interactive media, and market research services to clients in the high tech/industrial sector. Founded in 1992, the company offers special expertise in technical product publicity and currently serves clients in the biotech, marine, medical products, metalworking, plastics, and sporting goods industries.

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