How We Work

Thomas Rankin Associates serves its clients both by the project and on a
continuing program basis.


All project work is specified and quoted in advance, and billed in-process monthly until completion. Exceptions include projects that require large up-front out-of-pocket costs and projects that extend over several months. These may require sums in advance, per the terms established. Unforeseen changes in project costs are documented and every effort is made to obtain written authorization before they are incurred.



Our work is important to you and your management. As we progress, you will want members of your team to know what we are doing and what successes have been achieved. As part of our ongoing program efforts, we provide reports--conference, monthly status, clips, editorial contact and others--on a regular basis. In addition, we schedule periodic program reviews to iron out trouble spots and ensure the entire program is on target and on track.



Programs are designed and written to meet specific marketing communications objectives and to function within defined budget parameters. Programs can cover specific planning periods--usually a year--or are defined as multi-facetted project modules, such as a special product introduction.

Program work is billed both on an hourly and a retainer-plus basis. Under a retainer arrangement, an advance monthly fee covers certain base level activities such as news release writing, special editorial support, program reporting and administration. Other activities, such as feature article writing, are quoted in advance, and billed on the basis of actual hours and costs incurred.

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