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Founded in 1992, Thomas Rankin Associates is a full service marketing public relations firm specializing in business-to-business, technical/industrial communications. We offer a full range of promotional services, including advertising, public relations, website and literature development, direct and e-marketing programs.

Because every company, regardless of size, must work with limited resources, TRA focuses on helping clients establish workable, cost-effective communications programs that reach intended audiences and achieve definable marketing objectives. Our efforts have successfully launched new enterprises, established unknowns as market leaders, and helped others achieve steady, sustainable growth.





TRA Principles

 • We believe marketing communications is an integrated function: that success of the whole is built upon the mating of parts.

 • We believe communication is a process, not a project: that no true objective is ever reached in a single step.

 • We believe in the power of creativity: that nothing is so powerful as an idea well expressed.

 • We believe in strategic planning: that a destination defines a journey.

 • We believe business-to-business communications should be as professional as its audience.

 • We believe every company and sales process is unique: that communications must reflect this originality.

 • We believe in the ethics of excellence: that reputation is the richest reward.

 • We believe ours is a service business: that our security lies in our clients' success.

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